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TALC/Magnesium Silicate

Talc is a hydrated magnesium silicate. It is the softest mineral known. Each mine have different composition of talc based on its formation many many years ago. The major minerals in Talc is Silica and Magnisium. There are other minerals also present in very minute quantity such as Iron, Calcium, Aluminum, Nickle

Various properties of talc that different one type to another is Brightness, pH value, Oil absorption, water absorption and colour. The colour range available in our various mines range from Grey to green, red to brown, Cream to yellow.


1) Paint
2) Paper
3) Plastic
4) Rubber
5) Agriculture
6) Ceramics
7) Cosmetics
8) Food
9) Pharmaceuticals
1) Free from impurities
2) Unique particle size
3) Better dispersion
4) Excellent gloss properties
5) Low bulk density

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